Jun 072015
 June 7, 2015  Posted by  Free Events, Music, North Charlotte

wine vaultThe Wine Vault, at University Place, hosts free live music several nights a week. When the weather is nice, the music is outside; when it’s not so nice, enjoy the music inside.

Here’s the upcoming music schedule:

June 11th Brandon Kirkley 7-11pm
June 12th Christopher Michael 7-11pm
June 13th Rich Challen 7-11pm
June 14th Jared Allan 5-9pm

June 18th Swim in the Wild 7-11pm
June 19th Christopher Michael
June 20th Josh Wiard
June 21st Jared Allan 5-9pm

June 25th Jason Marcum 7-11pm
June 26th Lisa De Novo 7-11pm
June 27th Jon Caneda 7-11pm
June 28th Jared Allan 5-9pm

July 2nd Brandon Kirkley 7-11pm
July 3rd Rich Challen 7-11pm
July 4th House of Music 7-11pm
July 5th Jared Allan 5-9pm

July 9th Jason Marcum 7-11pm
July 10th Jon Caneda 7-11pm
July 11th Christopher Michael 7-11pm
July 12th Jared Allan 5-9pm

July 16th Aaron Longo 7-11pm
July 17th Rich Challen 7-11pm
July 18th Josh Wiard 7-11pm
July 19th Jared Allan 5-9pm

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