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UPDATE: The winner is Louise C! Congratulations, Louise!

Just in time for the holidays, one lucky Charlotte on the Cheap reader will win a $50 gift certificate to any Goodwill of the Southern Piedmont store. The gift card will be good at any of the 21 retail stores, including Computer Works and Freedom Drive Outlet (aka “the mothership.”) If you want to keep up on sales and news, subscribe to Goodwill’s blog. I do!

We all know about the awesome finds you come across at Goodwill, but for a moment I want to talk about some of the good reasons to donate.

The mission of Goodwill is to help prepare people enter the workforce. No matter where you are politically, consider this: Goodwill is truly a “teach a man to fish” kind of operation. People gain dignity and self-respect as they are able to contribute to the community and provide for themselves and their families. When your donated goods are sold to customers, you’re not only giving customers a chance to get great deals (and maybe on items they couldn’t otherwise afford) but you’re helping people get job training. Read some of Goodwill’s success stories.

Why else should you donate? Here are a few reasons:

  • Get that end of year tax donation.
  • It doesn’t fit you. Seriously, it doesn’t.
  • Your father just moved up from Florida and shipped every one of his belongings to a much smaller apartment and how many wine glasses and phones does one person actually need anyway?
  • To make room for something you like better.

Now, for the contest. The contest will end on Wednesday, December 19th, 2012. The randomly selected winner will be emailed and will have 72 hours to respond with a mailing address. If after 72 hours the winner has not responded, an alternate will be selected.

To enter:

  • Be an email subscriber of Charlotte on the Cheap. Email subscribers get one email, around 9am, with a list of posts from the last 24 hours. Addresses are never spammed, shared or sold. If you’re not a subscriber yet, you can sign up now. Make sure to check your inbox and spam folder after you sign up because you’ll have to confirm your registration.
  • Leave a comment to this post saying what you plan to donate this season.

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  160 Responses to “Win a $50 gift card to Goodwill stores”

  1. LOVE my Goodwill stores! I plan to donate gently used clothing and furniture. I clean out and rotate at least twice a year. I have so many treasures I have scored at Goodwill. They are my regular go-to store. :)

  2. I plan on donating lots of clothes and household items.

  3. LOVE SHOPPING AND DONATING at Goodwill. I have lots of kids clothes to take by this week.

  4. We have a big bag of donations ready to go. We’re donating movies we no longer watch, outgrown clothes & shoes, Christmas decor, and popsicle molds(!)

  5. I plan to donate clothing and household items.

  6. LOTS of clothes and a couple of kids bikes.

  7. We love goodwill and always donate toys and clothes at this time of year!

  8. Clothes, clothes and more clothes! Also taking some household items by!

  9. I typically donate clothes however this year we moved so it included lots of furniture and household items. I’m sure after Christmas lots of toys will be going as well.

  10. I LOVE Goodwill stores! I regularly donate toys, clothes, baby items, decorations, and books, as my children outgrow their stuff. Goodwill is also the first place I like to go to shop for more books and toys for my kids. We always find lots of treasures there, and I feel like I always get such a bargain!

  11. I have a box of computer keyboards, mice, cables and other peripherals that is sitting by the door waiting to go!

  12. I have donated already this week, pants brand new, toys, games…anything I can I try to donate

  13. I have donated lots of men’s, women’s and children’s clothes.

  14. I plan to donate my daughters clothes and also houseware items!

  15. I plan on cleaning out my closet on January 1st. Everything I haven’t worn in 6 months is going to Goodwill:)

  16. I love giving to and shopping at Goodwill. This year we’re donating clothes, toys, and household items.

  17. Lots of household items.

  18. I donate often. I also shop as often as i can. Have gotten some amazing deals!

  19. Clothes!!!

  20. Holla at me with the gift card.

  21. I love what Goodwill gives back to the community. It is a fantastic organization. I not only donate but I shop there on a regular basis. I plan on donating toys that my children no longer play with as well as a few bags of clothing we no longer need.

  22. I donate everything to Goodwill. I recycle my home 2 – 3 times a year and always bring it to Goodwill. That includes clothing and household goods. I LOVE Goodwill :-)

  23. I love Goodwill donating and shopping. I drop off and bag and usually come home with another.

  24. I love Goodwill and I just happened to stop by a few yesterday! I plan to donate some gently used clothing for children that my family has grown out of.

  25. I am donating clothing & some toys. Clearing the clutter is ALWAYS cathartic!

  26. I am donating clothing & some toys. Clearing the clutter is ALWAYS cathartic!

  27. I just donated some out grown children’s clothing, toys & furniture. I love Goodwill!

  28. I have and will donate again this winter. I love Goodwill!!! Thanks.

  29. I donate clothing, shoes and toys.

  30. I donate and shop at Goodwill all the time. I would love to win the $50 gift card.

  31. Goodwill is a great place to donate and to shop! I will be donating a very nice doll that will sure make a child happy this Christmas!

  32. Am donating clothes and other household items.

  33. There are some good buys at Goodwill. Planning to visit before the holidays.

  34. Goodwill always has something unexpected- a pretty vase, new jeans or a plate to replace the one I broke.

  35. There are some good buys at Goodwill. Planning to visit before the holidays to bring a TV.

  36. Great Giveaway! I’m always finding new treasures at Goodwill… However, before Santa can come, we have to donate a few old toys and clothes! Merry Christmas!

  37. I plan to donate all our used costumes and costuming articles for someone else to enjoy and create even more types of costumes! We have a TON of books from self-help to how-to-do and everything in between. We plan to donate at least half of our collection as we have a private library in every room of the house, including the bathrooms. I love giving our used and loved things to go to someone else who will love to use them as well.

  38. Donated toys, clothes, household good and lots of books…great way to teach kids about giving back to the community, recycling and spending wisely. Love Goodwill and Charlotte on the Cheap. Happy Christmas!

  39. I donate clothing, books, and household items every year. So happy to support an organization that does such great work in our community!

  40. I shop and donate to goodwill at least once or twice a month. Being a young professional living alone, it i s because of Goodwill that i am able to find business clothes that i can afford, not to mention street clothes as well. I donate clothes, house goods, electronics, books, and basically just about everything goodwill accepts i donate.

  41. I have clothes to donate.

  42. I will be donating my time at a local school. We have a large family and my husband is unemployed. There will be little to no Christmas at our house this year, but we can always give of ourselves.

  43. The first of the new year is always a big “clean out” time for me. So, it should be lots of good things: clothes,books, housewares, etc., etc., etc!

  44. I will be donating clothing, shoes and toys.

  45. I am goin thru items now to donate!

  46. I always give as much as I get. Love Goodwill!

  47. Before heading out to Goodwill, I take a look around my house to see what I can donate. This weekend will be gently used sweaters and coats seeing as though the weather is changing and people need to bundle up!

  48. I just donated yesterday.. clothes (some never worn) and toys

  49. Have a tv ready to go! Was waiting on my son to get home so he could carry it. He got home today! We also cleaned closets and have 8 full bags he can carry for me as well!

  50. Clothes…lots and lots of clothes. Early spring cleaning this week…

  51. I am helping a friend clean up his place over the break. I am sure there will be LOTS! Books, clothes, craft items!!

  52. I find the best deals at Goodwill. I have some great furniture to donate this season!

  53. I always donate to Goodwill and I’m planning to donate clothes, shoes, and some new toys my kids never played with. I also luv shopping @ Goodwill for unique items. Merry Christmas to All!!!

  54. I am decluttering and donating a bunch of stuff. We combined households with my parents and constantly decluttering.

  55. I am gathering stuff for Goodwill as we speak!!!! I am on a minimizer goal for the new year!!!!!

  56. We will donate toys, clothing and household products before the end of the year.

  57. I plan to donate clothing and houseware.

  58. I have donated clothes, toys and household items. I plan to donate some more books, toys and shoes soon

  59. My family makes it a goal to donate to Goodwill at least 6 times a year. We even keep a separate bin in the garage for items to take to Goodwill to simplify the process.This month we plan on giving toys, clothes, housewares, linens & DVDs. It is a rewarding feeling to know that my donated items will find new life with another family and 90% of the proceeds will help someone start a new life through job training programs. Either way you are giving a blessing to someone!

  60. I LOVE goodwill! I donate regularly and shop regularly! With four kids it is my first go to place!

  61. I plan to donate toys, coats and clothing

  62. I plan to donate clothes and household items. Goodwill is a wonderful charity that helps so many!

  63. kids clothes!!!

  64. I donate all of my kids’ gently used clothes and toys and books that we have finished with.

  65. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Goodwill!! We often find things for ourselves AND presents for others that we can’t find anywhere else – and believe me, people ask where we found their gift because it isn’t made anymore and we let them know it’s the Goodwill. Once,
    one of my family members couldn’t believe that we bought another family member something from the Goodwill and the person receiving the gift said “Are you kidding?? The fact that she searched all over and found this for me (it was a toy she loved growing up) means more to me than the cost of it!” Thank you, Goodwill!!!!
    Oh, and by the way, we will be donating some Christmas or dressy clothes & shoes, a video game system, decorations, a few pieces of jewelry and possible our old computer (as long as we are sure it still works well :-) Heading over this weekend!!

  66. We donate at least one huge bag or box every two weeks since we are in the process of downsizing and removing excess clutter in our home. This has become a personal challenge to me to do and live more with less. (sort of like how to live with only 100 items) It is such a warm feeling to know that by donating items to Goodwill you are helping others and the items are not being thrown into a landfill. We love shopping there and donating our extra stuff is even better!! <3

  67. I love Goodwill as you never know what treasure you may find!

  68. I will be donating clothes and toys . I have alrady taken a couple trips wthis year after I moved of house goods.

  69. I plan to donate my old toys!

  70. I plan to donate clothes and shoes that don’t fit anymore!

  71. I am donating clothes and a lot of baby stuff for this single mom, who is unemployed.

  72. It is a wonderful place that helped me decorate the very first place I live in.

  73. I plan on donating a coat, and some clothes, and some books.

  74. I am going to donate some old records. love goodwill

  75. I’ve been a LONG TIME Goodwill fan and donate to them several times a year. I donate my clothes that I can no longer find room for and I also donate my boyfriend’s young daughters’ clothes that they mostly grow out of quicker than they can get around to wearing them.

  76. I have donated items to Goodwill already (clothes and toys). I have also donated toys to a local elementary school.

  77. My twins and I love to shop at Goodwill. I donate clothes to make room in the closet for more clothes purchased at Goodwill. Before the end of the year I’ll donate books, more clothes, and some household goods.

  78. I have found great finds for my HS son at Goodwill. I plan to donate all of his clothes her can no longer fit and some of my shoes I no longer wear!

  79. I will be donating a lot of maternity clothes. Would be nice to win this gift cards since none of my clothes fit from before the pregnancy!

  80. Hi! Not only do I plan on donating, I do throughout the year. I usually don’t browse unless I have donated so that in the end my closets are not getting any fuller!

  81. I actually just dropped off some stuff this morning!!

  82. I already have donated this month, but have more in my car waiting to be dropped off!

  83. Frequently donate to Goodwill. And love to shop there too. Especially for DD’s clothes.

  84. I would love to win

  85. I have a kitchen table and 4 chairs to donate.

  86. I donate to Goodwill throughout the seasons and also rummage around in the stores for deals as well. I usually donate children’s clothes and toys.

  87. I have already donated a bunch of clothes, toys, stuffed animals & some furniture and I’ll probably be donating some more clothes & a Christmas Tree.

  88. I have donated tons of women and children clothing already this year. I plan on donating excess toys after Christmas.

  89. I plan to donate a ton of clothes that unfortunately no longer fit.

  90. I used to purchase about 90% of my entire wardrobe at Goodwill. I love it!

    I recently became unemployed and have been using this time to do some off-season ‘spring cleaning’ in an effort to de-clutter my home and my life. This month, I am donating about a dozen coats/jackets, clothing and a variety of kitchen and home goods. :)

  91. I have already donated 7 bags worth of items to families in need, including toys, clothes, books and household items. We have also donated 22 books to our local library and donated money to a local chorus.

  92. I want to donate.

  93. I donate year round. I am a widow, lost my job, and may have to downsize from my house to something smaller. I am sorting thru all the things I no longer need or use and donate them. One person needs way less stuff than a family of four which I used to be a part of. Since I no longer have a job, I also shop Goodwill for clothing, household item I need, and for things to give as gifts to others. Love finding country music cd’s and books to read. I have donated lots of clothes, kitchen items, books, etc.

  94. I plan to purge my closet and dresser and donate clothes!

  95. All the outgrown boys clothes are the first to get purged. Our youngest son has had a growth spurt and we aren’t having anymore kids.

  96. Donate on a regular basis…clothes, shoes, books, etc. Usually lots of kitchen items also!

  97. I plan to donate coats and clothes

  98. Lawn Mower and loveseat.

  99. We donate to Good will just about every other month. This month we have toys, clothes, and household! Pick me, we would love to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. I plan to donate

  101. We’ll be donating clothing and household items!

  102. I drop off all of my kids clothes they have outgrown. We have found 2 great pieces of furniture for the kids rooms that we have refinished and they look brand new. Love to go and find a good bargain.

  103. I have many clothes and household items I plan to donate this month. I also donate all through the year and not just at Christmas time. I LOVE to shop at Goodwill. I find many good bargins there.

  104. I am an email subscriber

  105. I usually donate clothes around this time of year, just normal cleaning out of the closets

  106. I donate all year long to a company called Nspire. I have a delivery pick up for next week and they are in need of women’s, men’s and children’s clothes. i love to help others because you never know what tomorrow brings and if you were in that situation you would want someone to help you.

  107. We are always ready to donate toys, clothes and baby items!

  108. This year we will donate lots of clothes and furniture

  109. Just took a bag last week of household items, clothes will be next week. Thanks for the contest!

  110. email subscriber

  111. I have donated toys, clothes and computors.

  112. I’ve donated 2 x this week already and go with items frequently.

  113. We donate to to Goodwill quite often, Whenever we get something, we give something away. I’ve donated Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree earlier. This weekend, I plan on donating clothings, toys and household items.

  114. Love Goodwill!! This year will definitely be donating some Christmas decorations in addition to some clothes, household items….. :)

  115. I plan to donate clothes and computer items.

  116. I plan to donate 2 old bikes and clothing.

  117. I plan to donate all of my baby boys clothes and toys that he has outgrown.

  118. Awesome timing. Have a leather sectional couch that I am donating tomorrow. I love used items and I know my items will go to a much deserving family.

  119. I love Goodwill. I shop there often & I just donated lots of items to my local Goodwill store a few days ago. As we are moving I have more that I will be donating soon.

  120. We always donate several times a year. We will be dropping stuff off nexy week.

  121. I donate all of my family’s outgrown clothes constantly as well as toys my children no longer play with. At Christmas for every toy my children get for Christmas they get rid of one of their old toys to donate to Goodwill.

  122. I’ve already donated a ton of clothes last week that didn’t fit my boys anymore. I also donated a bunch of decorations that didn’t fit our style in our home. Great giveaway!

  123. I have donated many things over the years to Good Will and will donate clothes, household items, etc. this year.

  124. Planning to donate lots of clothes and kitchen items :)

  125. Household items & lots of kids clothes! Love checking out my local goodwill store on a weekly basis!

  126. We purge through kids’ toys and games before Christmas, plus I have some books and clothes stacked up to take.

  127. On my day off last Friday, I already had 4 bags of clothes to donate by 8:30 AM. I also had 1 bag full of shoes I didn’t wear. It felt great to clean out my closet and know that it would help someone down the line.

  128. I have found so many barely used items at’s a regular shopping treat along with value village.

    I clean out upto 3 times per year and our recent donations have included a vacuum which needed a cord fix (but goodwill has staff who are trained to do these types of things) my husbands gently used polos and seasonal items.

  129. I donate gently used clothes and furniture to Goodwill 4x a year. They are a wonderful organization whose reach impacts SO many people.

  130. I will be donating a digital camera, shoes, clothes and small household items.

  131. Outgrown clothes.

  132. clothes.

  133. I am cleaning out the garage this weekend and will donate some bikes and ride on toys.

  134. Goodwill is awesome! why pay full price when you can get great deals there?

  135. I shop goodwill weekly looking for items to up cycle and give as gifts. I make pillows from shirts and have made some table runners from sheets I’ve found.
    I plan to donate toys we’ve outgrown as I know they’ll find great new homes!

  136. Clothes! Clothes! and more clothes! Plus, we clean out the kids’ toys to make room for the new toys Santa brings! Merry Christmas!

  137. We love our local Goodwill store and donate there 3-4 times per year when we clean out clothing that is in great/new condition we don’t wear or my children have outgrown and also donating lamps, toys and wall art.

  138. I am going to donate clothes & household items.

  139. love our local goodwill!!!

  140. I love Goodwill! I have a pile of clothing and kitchen items to donate!

  141. We plan on donating clothes!

  142. I make GW a regular weekly stop…not to donate, but to shop! I do have a bag ready to give to them. It is filled with some kid clothes and some items I haven’t worn lately. I always keep a bag in the closet for GW. That way, when it gets filled I drop it off and I don’t need to do a big load.

  143. I plan to donate books, clean used clothing and kitchen utensil – things that have a useful life.

  144. I plan to donate a bookshelf, various household items we’re no longer using, and some boy’s clothing. It’s always so nice to know someone else can use these things and pay a price most can actually afford! Good Will keeps my family clothed!

  145. It’s time to RECYCLE lots of my clothes back to where I purchaed them….Goodwill. Because of Goodwill, I have a great wardrobe.

  146. I am sorting all my Christmas decorations and decor and will give away about half of them.

  147. I have so many item I plan to donate my family and I plan to clean the garage tomorrow so is so much to give

  148. I plan on cleaning out my kids’ toy closet and clothes and donating them to Goodwill! We love Goodwill!

  149. I plan to donate some shoes.

  150. I love to shop for books at Goodwill. I plan on donating clothes that my children no longer wear.

  151. Clothes, shoes, and furniture

  152. I got lucky this year, I am going to spend it with my family :)

  153. Isn’t the GW the best? Always find something interesting

  154. I have donated to GoodWill all year, and I am off the week of Christmas and I plan to clean out my closets and donate clothes and shoes and and household items that I don’t use. Thanks!

  155. We have already donated some toys to Toys for Tots, as well as canned goods and gently used coats to our church for distribution.

  156. Household items….dropped off clothes yesterday…cleaning closets today for shoes and kitchen for housewares to make room :)

  157. My entire closet since I lost 175 pounds and nothing fits. I’m so happy I can use this great accomplishment to help others at the same time.

  158. I have already cleaned out the Christmas decor and donated some trees and decorations and after Christmas I will donate clothes and household items to make room for my new gifts.

  159. I have lots of clothes my kids have outgrown to donate (some new with tags).

  160. Everything is in one corner, almost ready to be packed in to the car to get donated!!

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