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Free IKEA gift cardUPDATE: Lynda Anderson is the winner! Congratulations! And thanks to everyone for entering. IKEA has become the go-to place in Charlotte for economical furniture, organizational supplies, kitchen accessories and just about anything you need for your home. If you have a small living space, the showrooms will convince you that you can make your space work in an attractive and comfortable way. If you use the “archaeological method” of organization in your home office, IKEA’s collection of matching boxes and folders, all of which fit perfectly into inexpensive wooden bookshelves, will inspire you to get your act together. It’s that sense of inspiration (well, and maybe also the maze-like structure) that causes IKEA visitors to lose their sense of time.

So it’s good to know that your appetite for food can be satisfied as easily, and as affordably, as your appetite for sleek coffee tables and patterned rugs. Between the restaurant, bistro and Swedish food market, you will find great deals whether you want to take a shopping break or bring your meatballs home. Here are a few ways to save (and then I promise I’ll tell you about the gift card contest.)

  • At the Swedish market, buy a 40 oz. package of meatballs, one 1.5 lb. package of mashed potatoes made with Russet and red skin potatoes, a two-pack of cream sauce, and a FREE freezer bag for just $9.99 ($3.57 off) until the end of May.
  • Kids 12 and under eat free in the restaurant Tuesdays in April after 11am.
  • Mondays, eat breakfast in the restaurant for free until 11am.
  • Every Thursday and Saturday in April, eat for free in the restaurant by spending $150 in the store and then deducting the cost of your meal from your store receipt upon checking out.

Win a $100 IKEA gift card

One Charlotte on the Cheap reader will win a $100 IKEA gift card. Here’s how to enter.

  • You must be an email subscriber to Charlotte on the Cheap. Email subscribers receive one email every morning with links to all the posts from the previous 24 hours. Your email is never shared, spammed or sold, and it’s free to subscribe.
  • Leave a comment to this post. You can say anything you want in the post. I’m listening.
  • Please enter only once.
  • The winner will be randomly selected from eligible entries on Thursday, April 25th, 2013. I will email you and you’ll need to respond with your mailing address within 48 hours.

Please tell your friends about Charlotte on the Cheap and encourage them to subscribe as well. The more readers we have, the more deals and contests we can offer. Thanks!

  280 Responses to “Winner of $100 IKEA gift card announced”

  1. Hopefully I can win the $100 and get my daughter some new furniture!

  2. Subscribed. Looking for a Pax closest organizer.

  3. Subscribed. Looking for a pax closet organizer

  4. I am subscribed! I hope to win $100 to be able to get some benches for my outdoor table!

  5. I subscribed! I’d love to win! I’m graduating college in a month and my new post-grad apartment is going to be practically furniture-less at this point!

  6. Would love to win this!!!

  7. I’m subscribed. Hope I win so I can get new closet stuff at Ikea!

  8. I would be so ecstatic to win this gift card! We love IKEA! We love CHARLOTTE ON THE CHEAP :)

  9. I need a Billy. My books overfloweth.

  10. Could really use a gift card to buy some organizational pieces.

  11. Expedit shelves! I am coming for you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Subscribed. Meatballs and furniture! I’m all for it!

  13. thanks for the contest, hope to win!! :)

  14. I sure could use some spring/summer supplies with the gift card.

  15. Could use this gift card to replace some dog chewed household items!! Thank you for the contest, Charlotte on the Cheap!

  16. I’m a long time subscriber… I love finding out the dirt on all that’s cheap in the Charlotte area! I’d love to win the IKEA card too! :)

  17. I want that card :)

  18. We just moved to a new house. Want tons from IKEA. Thanks for the opportunity : )

  19. Please share.

  20. My favorite store! Thanks for doing this contest!

  21. Would love to win this to furnish my new nursery!

  22. Love IKEA and Charlotte on the Cheap!

  23. Fantastic! Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome gift certificate! I LOVE IKEA!

  24. I would love to buy a futon from IKEA!! :)

  25. This prize would help our spring cleaning and organizing!

  26. Subscribed and hoping to win, just moved to a new house!!!

  27. Enter me, please!

  28. Done! IKEA, Trader Joe’s, and REI are the holy trinity in my book.

  29. I love IKEA!! I’m an email subscriber too. I would love to win this. We moved to Charlotte a year ago and have been to Ikea countless times. :)

  30. We love IKEA!!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaways :)

  31. We love IKEA!!!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  32. Ikea rocks!

  33. Excited about this contest!! Love Charlotte on the Cheap!!

  34. PICK ME! Thanks, (:

  35. I want to win!! (:

  36. I need bookshelves!!!

  37. Ikea is awesome

  38. Love Ikea and COTC!

  39. This could not come at a better time….please help me make my mom comfortable after hip replacement surgery.

  40. $100 worth of swedish meatballs!

  41. I’m subscribed! $100 worth of swedish meatballs!

  42. I am a new business owner working with preschoolers-I shop exclusively at Ikea for my organizational needs as well as kid-size EVERYTHING else. In desperate need of funds for organizational and display pieces…$100 would be sooo niiice! Thank you for this opportunity.

  43. I really need to win the gift card. I have bought my kitchen table from IKEA and am now adding chairs one by one as I can afford them!!!

  44. Would love to be able to get some new things for my porch!

  45. it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! happy day!

  46. Nice contest!

  47. Just bought an awesome package from COTC for Anytime Fitness! Love you guys and I adore ikea? Random fact: they serve wild game!

  48. I’m in a new apartment and need lots of things. Ikea, please!

  49. Love Charlotte on the Cheap & IKEA. Thanks!

  50. Love IKEA! And my son wants to get the Kura loft bed, so $100 would be a big help! :)

  51. Would like new furniture for our new home.

  52. I love IKEA, and $100 would help buy some much needed furniture for when I move this summer.

  53. I <3 Ikea! Fingers crossed… thank you!

  54. I <3 Ikea and charlotteonthecheap.com!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. YAY for IKEA! :)

  56. Needed! This would help us immensely, baby girl and a tiny, cluttered house!

  57. Hook me up please.

  58. So glad I found you! I look forward to your emails and read every one of them. Thanks for all you do!!!

  59. I Soooo Need This!

  60. Would love to win!!!

  61. Subscribed. Love IKEA.

  62. would love to win an ikea gift card!!

  63. Gotta get to Ikea!

  64. Long time follower, first time poster, hoping for the win!

  65. I would love to buy some outdoor furniture for the nice weather! Thanks for the contest, Charlotte on the Cheap! You are awesome.

  66. Pick me, pick me! Love this website

  67. Ikea and Charlotte on the Cheap are two of my favorite things :)

  68. I love this website and all the freebies and deals you can find!!!! I would LOVE the IKEA giftcard!!!

  69. Yes please!

  70. IKEA, I need a new bed…

  71. Me, Me, Me!! I love me some Ikea :)

  72. Desperately need toy storage! :)

  73. Hi, I’m jeremiah. you may remember me from such places as most local Avett Brothers concerts and the internets.
    If I won this $100 I would not spend it all on horse tainted meatballs, not that anything is wrong with that other than the fact that I don’t eat meat, but would purchase some type of furniture for the house and probably some beer on the way home to help with assembly of said furniture. This and maybe some gum.

    Doot dootle doot doot.
    You know I love the site – keep up the great work ๐Ÿ˜›


  74. Subscribed! Could use some patio stuff for the spring.

  75. would love to win! thanks jody!

  76. Subscibed!!! I have never been so I have no idea what I would buy!!! In need of cute summer stuff for our deck though!!

  77. They have some closet organizing items I’ve had my eye on…$100 would be a good start!

  78. Subscribed! :) Thanks for all of your work!

  79. Subscribed. Would love to buy furniture for our son’s nursery.

  80. I’m your No, 1 fan!

  81. I love IKEA!

  82. Power of social media….here is my comment, copied and pasted from The One Fund Boston:
    Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino have established The One Fund Boston, providing assistance to those affected by the tragic events at the Boston Marathon. Join us in support by making at donation at http://onefundboston.org/

  83. A trip to IKEA would help me get my closets organized!

  84. WOW!! I love Ikea and have a list of items I would like to purchase at Ikea. Gift card would be used as soon as it’s received.


  86. Bedroom refresh, here I come!

  87. I want to win the giftcard..

  88. Love me some IKEA!

  89. I would love the have that gift card. I have so many things that I need from IKEA.

  90. Redecorating several rooms — an IKEA gift card would help!

  91. Please, please, please pick me! I would LOVE to go spend $100 in Ikea…oh the possibilities!!

  92. I would really love to win this gift card! It would really come in handy for the Spring cleaning that I am doing and RE DECORATING this drab ALL BROWN house needs some color.

  93. Love a giveaway!

  94. I love their frozen yogurt. But the store is so big, I have to wear comfy shoes to shop! Still, I would love the $100. Will buy something to organize shoes.

  95. I always enjoy shopping IKEA and Charlotte on the Cheap is a great resource!

  96. I could spend $100 on those meatballs.


  98. I love their meatballs! And I can use some new furniture for my boys bedrooms, now that they’re all teenagers.

  99. I would very much like to furnish my new apartment with a nice lamp or picture

  100. I would very much like to furnish my new apartment with a very nice Swedish lamp or wall hanging

  101. I love ikea!!

  102. Love, love IKEA!!!

  103. Would love this gift card!

  104. A $100 gift card would sure be nice!

  105. Happy Spring Everyone!! :)

  106. LOVE Ikea! Would shop there even if their meatballs are made of horse! Neigh!

  107. geez i love ikea!

  108. I’ve had my eye on a kitchen cart at Ikea! Could now be the time??!!

  109. Already a subscriber. I love IKEA. I practically live in their as-is section.

  110. Subscribed! Hoping to win to finish our nursery with some great IKEA finds, baby is due in just six short weeks! :)

  111. IKEAAA!!

  112. We’re getting our 1st house in 2 months…with savings built up from following CHARLOTTE ON THE CHEAP! :)
    Thanks for the contest!

  113. IKEA always worth the drive for this urban dweller.

  114. Pick me please! :)

  115. I am a subscriber. I’d love to win an IKEA gift card!!

  116. I need help getting organized. A few items from Ikea would be a HUGE help!

  117. I love IKEA! Thanks!

  118. What a great prize. Fingers crossed our family wins.

  119. I would probably take my daughters shopping!

  120. Love IKEA…$100 would be great. Need more IKEA for the house!

  121. I really need to win this. I’m in need of several new pieces of furniture.

  122. We love IKEA and love to spend part of a day recreating our living spaces with what we find in the store.

  123. I LOVVVEEEEE Charlotte On The Cheap!
    I LOVVVEEEEE IKEA!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a school psychologist in 2 very stressful schools and this girl could greatly use an IKEA gift card!!! WHOOO-HOOO!

  124. Would love to spend $100 on cinnamon buns and those fun kitchen implements.

  125. Love the heads up on extra percentages off on Half Off Depot. Thanks!

  126. I love, love, love Ikea!! My daughter is starting college in the fall and Ikea is the ideal place for all our storage solutions! I would love to win the $1,000 gift card and outfit her dorm with all things Ikea!

  127. Come on, DIY breakfast nook! Thanks for keeping the dream alive, Charlotte on the Cheap.

  128. Ikea is a fun way to spend a Saturday and get ideas.

  129. I love charlotteonthecheap.com!

  130. I’ve had my eye on a few things at Ikea! I’d love to win! charlotteonthecheap is the best!

  131. Love going to Ikea!

  132. Im glad it’s Friday!

  133. IKEAn’t decide what I would want to buy first….

  134. Love Charlotte On The Cheap snd April 25th is my birthday!!!!!Thanks!!!!!

  135. Pick me. I need a summer comforter for my bed. Plus I love the meatballs!

  136. this would be so incredible to win!!!!

  137. I’d be happy with just a $100 to spend at IKEA! Thanks

  138. That’s a lot of kitchen gadgets for $100! Maybe I’ll win!

  139. I just moved to Charlotte last month and am looking for a few more pieces to furnish my new apartment!

  140. I love me some Ikea! Now I am craving meatballs… mmmm….

  141. Moving this weekend and could use a few things for the new place!

  142. Thank you, Charlotte On The Cheap for all of the info you share each week! You can always find something fun at Ikea!

  143. i’m an email subscriber. love all the awesome deals you post!

  144. Pick me! :)

  145. no, pick me

  146. Cool giveaway!!

  147. Would LOVE the $100 Ikea giftcard. My husband and I desperately need to get an kitchen table (we’re tired of eating at the coffee table in the living room…)

  148. Need a rug for the living room…

  149. I love IKEA!!!!

  150. New subscriber! Looking forward to getting a couple stuff for my desk !

  151. I love IKEA! Can think of lots I’d buy with $100!

  152. I’ll pass on thoseeatballs, but I sure would LOVE $100 to spend at IKEA!

  153. Would love to furnish my new apartment!

  154. Mama needs some kitchen chairs!

  155. A shopping spree at IKEA sounds like fun!

  156. Would love to win this for my wife!

  157. This would be wonderful to use on some baby stuff!!

  158. I would love to win this gift card and add it to my “fix-up-the-den-on-a-budget fund.”

  159. Re-working the kids’ rooms… $100 Ikea gift card would help!!

  160. I love IKEA!

  161. IKEA rocks!!!!

  162. Awesome site and giveaway!!!

  163. Love ikea and love Charlotte on the cheap :)

  164. I luv Ikea and would luv to win the gift card :)

  165. Happy Earth Day tomorrow!

  166. Sure. I’ll enter. Looking to get a loft bed for the toddler :)

  167. $100 gift card to Ikea would help me get some things for my two year old. good luck everyone. :)

  168. An Ikea meal is always a treat. Don’t forget you can get the lingonberry soda with free refills in the cafe, too.

  169. I heart Ikea! :)

  170. Charlotte On the Cheap and IKEA are awesome!

  171. I love the website!

  172. We love IKEA!!!! They are affordable and functional too. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  173. Love IKEA, great place for good stuff

  174. I love wandering through IKEA for ideas.

  175. Charlotte on the Cheap always has great information and My gandchildren’s room needs to be decorated. Ikea has great stuff! I would love to win!

  176. I am in the process of re-doing my living room and would love IKEA’s help! Please pick me!

  177. Pick me! I need a few kitchen supplies.

  178. I love to browse through all of the different sections at IKEA.

  179. my daughters are outgrowing the room they share, so we desperately need some IKEA shelving for their toys and books!

  180. I have been a subscriber for a while. I love IKEA! :-)

  181. I love Charlotte on the Cheap and IKEA!!!!!!

  182. Happy Earth Day!!!

  183. Great site that I use daily.

  184. My birthday is coming up very soon….and I would love a shopping spree at IKEA !!

  185. Yes Please! I just moved and am in need of everything….this would be a nice start :)

  186. I’ve subscribed and I hope I win the $100 Ikea gift card.

  187. Love IKEA! Great Giveaway!

  188. We used to go to Ikea a lot when we lived in Scotland and we were so glad when it opened in Charlotte!

  189. We love IKEA – a room for my son!

  190. Would love to win the GC….I have been trying to get over to Ikea and pick up some new kitchen things….

  191. Would definitely love to win an Ikea gift card. Ikea is awesome!

  192. platypus

  193. I love your Charlotte On The Cheap daily emails. Thanks so much for putting all the deals in one place!

  194. Winning with Ikea!

  195. Need some new furniture..a surprise for my daughters birthday!!

  196. Love IKEA, love Charlotte on the Cheap – hope I could be a winner…Thank you for the opportunity

  197. I shopping at Ikea!!

  198. Love all the kitchen gadgets at IKEA!

  199. Love the site helps out when one of the family member is jobless and we need cheap entertainment!

  200. I’m getting married on Saturday and this gift card would be amazing!

  201. Love to shop here, something new each time we go!

  202. Wow, what do I say about IKEA…I love that store.
    I love their stuff and their chocolate. And of course we always shop long enough they get us at the little cafe too. :) Great place. I have a friend that visited from ST. Louis and I took her for her 1st time (charlotte store). She said her friends travel from st.louis to Chicago on a saturday just to go to IKEA. Would love to win.

  203. Would love to organize with 100 gift card!

  204. We love IKEA, thanks for the opportunity to win a GC.

  205. The IKEA gift card would sure come in handy about now!

  206. I love IKEA!!

  207. Oh how this giftcard would come in handy. I’m planning on doing a Billy Bookcase hack and need 4 sets of Billy’s. Help me out!

  208. I live in Columbia and so worth the drive to Charlotte – IKEA is so cool!

  209. I like turtles…and meatballs.

  210. I love Ikea, especially Mon – Thu when it’s not as crowded!

  211. 23 year old first time homeowner with a tight budget. Recently went to Ikea for the first time and fell in love (unfortunately my bank account was not as thrilled)…would love this gift card!

  212. I soooooooooooooooooo love IKEA!!!! This will certainly help me decorate my daughter’s “big girl” room!!!!

  213. I need a new bed. Help

  214. I love Ikea, and your blog. I look forward to my email from you.

  215. Charlotte on the Cheap is such an awesome resource! Thanks for doing this!

  216. I love IKEA and their great deals. That Charlotte on the cheap are all the great information you provide.

  217. Longtime blog subscriber… would LOVE the gift card! Love IKEA AND Charlotte on the Cheap!

  218. You had me at Cheap, and IKEA :-)

  219. Awesome job Charlotte on the Cheap!
    I always look forward to the info on your website!

    And I would love an Ikea gift card!

  220. great place to browse-love the website

  221. I love Charlotte on the Cheap! I hope I win the Ikea gift card!

  222. Would love to win the gift card.

  223. It would be great to win!

  224. oo oooo pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  225. I need a new coffee table and LOVE Ikea!

  226. Would love to win a $100 gift card to help purchase my son a bunk bed!! Love Ikea!!

  227. Entering to win! Need to furnish my new home

  228. Omg I love ikea
    I’ve had my eye on a wardrobe for which I will use this gift card

  229. REALLY need some furniture for my new apartment ๐Ÿ˜€

  230. Pick me Pick me!! Getting ready to buy a new house and will need new goodies :-)

  231. Would love to win!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  232. Subscribed. Hope to win :)

  233. I LOVE Ikea!

  234. I NEED to get organized. Ikea will help!

  235. love IKEA hope u pick meeeeeeeeeeeeee

  236. Pick Me….Pick Me….

  237. We love Charlotte on the Cheap and all your efforts to find us fun things to do to save money! Who says fun has to cost an arm and a leg?!!

    I would love to win the Ikea Gift Card!!
    Many thanks for your consideration!

  238. Thanks for the contest. I love IKEA!

  239. Charlotte on the cheap and ikea . . . Two of my favorite things in the Queen City!

  240. Thanks for the opportunity, good luck to the winner.

  241. would be nice to win the $100 for Ikea

  242. Would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity. Love Charlotte on the Cheap – wouldn’t have plans without it!

  243. Making out my shopping list now. Meatballs will be included.

  244. Love Ikea! Purchased some great furniture for our house at the beach, love it!!!

  245. My go-to-place for candles!

  246. IKEA is my shopping place for organizing, furniture, and household items. My daughter is just recovering from surgery and I have to move next month due to a community renovation to a new place. IKEA would make my life SO MUCH easier during this stressful time!


  247. I love IKEA!

  248. I wanna win!!!

  249. This would be a dream come true for a single parent. I would be able to get my daughter a mattress for her to sleep on

  250. I love Ikea!!

  251. I love it and want it :O)

  252. would love to win – would help me refresh my house before new baby comes!

  253. Love IKEA for shopping for our kids’ playroom – have a few more things we need!

  254. Need this for my wife for mothers day to express my appreciation for everything she does for me and our 6 kiddos! She def deserves this!!! Thanks for the consideration.

  255. Pick me!!! I worked there for 4 years and this would be an awesome excuse to visit my IKEA family…and stock up on some new stuff! :)

  256. Me, Me, Me, please!!!! I LOVE Charlotte on the Cheap and I LOVE IKEA! :) WHooo- Hooo!!

  257. My daughter and her friend like to go to IKEA and hide in the wardrobe. Then when people come by they jump out and say “Wow, Narnia was fantastic!”.

  258. I went to IKea for the first time a couple of weeks ago with my daughter. She had been telling me how amazing the place was and that they have lots of different stylist items. My walking is limited but I was so enthused with the store I was like a tourist visiting New York for the first time. All I kept say is WOW!! I want that gift card!!! Any plans to build one in the South part of Charlotte??

  259. I need to get some furniture for my new office. :)

  260. I wouldn’t even know where to begin in that store!! I would be all over the place trying to decide what to get 1st with the gift card!! Fingers crossed!!

  261. Pick me, pick me, so I can finish my son’s big boy room! Thanks

  262. Please do a weekend round up. Maybe show how someone could schedule a whole weekend including times, places (addresses), and what to look out for. Also feature other blogs once a week?

  263. I need some things for the outdoors!

  264. OMG! I love ikea. I hope I win. Good luck to all

  265. OMG! I love ikea. Good luck to all!

  266. Hope I win!

  267. have a great “ikea”—pick me!!!

  268. Thanks for posting this and other savings ideas

  269. I would love to win this! $100 can go a long way at IKEA!

  270. $100 goes a long way at IKEA! My kids would love to win!

  271. I /we really love Ikea. Their food court is really a rare find.

  272. Enter me!

  273. I would love to win. A great place to shop

  274. Wow there have been alot of comments. I feel Im going to win. Cant wait to get me a chair. Thanks in advance!!!

  275. This would be a great prize to win because I am trying to get some spring cleaning done. Ikea would be the perfect place to get new storage items and furniture.

  276. This would be AWESOME!!!

  277. I love IKEA and I already know what I would spend the $100 on. Good luck everyone!

  278. I love IKEA I basically live there!!!!!

  279. fell in love with IKEA living in Los Angeles- So glad they are here in NC
    My 13 year old needs a room re-do- This would take care of that!

  280. Would be great to win!

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