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If you live in Charlotte or visit here and you haven’t checked out the Tosco Music Party yet, you really need to. It’s one of Charlotte’s best traditions. Twenty years ago, John Tosco, a local musician and music teacher, started having “music parties” in the Tosco family’s living room. The parties quickly outgrew his living room, and kept growing, and now regularly sell out CPCC’s Halton Theater.

What is a typical Tosco Music Party like? There’s really no typical Tosco Music Party. You might get a bluegrass group followed by a funk band followed by a country singer. What you can count on: wildly diverse musical acts, each one performing just one or two songs. As the show has gained renown, it’s been drawing musicians from across the country, who come here to play (get this) for free. Several times during the show, John has the house lights turned on, and asks the audience to stand up and sing along with the Tosco Music Party choir. Don’t worry; the lyrics for the singalongs are in the program. During intermission and at the end of the show you can visit with musicians in the lobby and buy CDs, get on their mailing lists or just say “hi.”

Why is this on Charlotte on the Cheap? Simple. At $15 a ticket ($8 for kids; $12 for seniors) this 4 hour show is a total bargain. It’s on September 8th at 7PM at the Halton Theater, 1206 Elizabeth Ave, Charlotte. Do not wait long to buy tickets. They usually sell out. Performers are listed on the Tosco Music Party website.

You can purchase them tickets online.

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