Mar 292015
 March 29, 2015  Posted by  Free Events, Music, Plaza Midwood, The City

andy the doorbum
Snug Harbor, at 1228 Gordon Street, invites an act to be an “Artist in Residence” all the Wednesdays in a month. In September, 2014, the artist is Andy the Doorbum. The shows are free, at 10pm, and various bands open throughout the month. Age 18+. $5 surcharge for those under 21. Various artists will be joining Andy the Doorbum each Wednesday.

Andy the Doorbum: Andy the Doorbum is Music and Art. Andy the Doorbum is a Man and a Band. Andy the Doorbum is a Concept and a Project. Andy the Doorbum is a Movement of one life trying to prove its own existence and affirm its perception and interpretation of the world around it. Andy the Doorbum is Survival.

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