Jul 242013

sales tax holidaySave some money on back-to-school shopping (or other shopping) during North Carolina’s sales tax holiday from 12:01am Friday, August 2nd, until 11:59pm Sunday, August 4th, 2013. During this time you will not pay sales tax on the following items.



  • Clothing (up to $100)
  • school supplies (up to $100)
  • instructional material (up to $300)
  • computers (up to $3,500)
  • other computer supplies (up to $250)
  • sports equipment (up to $50)

South Carolina’s sales tax holiday takes place the same weekend. It includes the following items, but visit the website for more information and a FAQ. The website has very complete and detailed information on which items are eligible.

  • Clothing
  • school supplies
  • computers
  • some bed and bath items
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