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Update 7/15/11: We keep selling out the discount tickets, but 180 more have just been released. These tickets are $2.50 each when you buy two of them. Follow these instructions to purchase the tickets:

1. Go to The Charlotte Comedy Zone’s website.
2. Scroll down to the July 20th Shaun Jones show.
3. Click on “Buy tickets online.”
4. Type COTC in the white box to the left of “Get Promo Prices.”
5. Click on “Get Promo Prices.”
6. Enter the number 2 in the top box. It says “COTC GOLD CIRCLE.”
7. The rest should be easy!

These tickets have been selling very quickly, so don’t wait too long to purchase. Also, a note, there has been some discussion about whether this will be a “clean” show or not. Although we’ve arranged for a 16+ age requirement for audience members, there’s no guarantee that there won’t be swearing, so just use your own judgment when it comes to your teenagers.

Also, please note that everyone who purchases a ticket with the COTC promo code (or COTC2 promo code; those are sold out now) has a chance to win:

1. tickets to a future Comedy Zone show
2. gift certificate to Amelie’s French Bakery
3. All sports pass to U.S. National Whitewater Center


Charlotte on the Cheap is teaming up with The Charlotte Comedy Zone to offer a seriously cheap way to enjoy a night out. The Charlotte Comedy Zone is brand new, at the N.C. Music Factory, and is a great venue. When I visited it the other week, workers were busy putting the finishing touches on it, getting it ready for opening night. It’s in the same building as The Saloon, which means you can order many of The Saloon’s menu items.

We’re planning a special night to introduce Charlotte on the Cheap readers to The Charlotte Comedy Zone. The comedian will be Shaun Jones, whose observational comedy and quick wit have been a hit with audiences across the country, abroad, and on television.

Wednesday, July 20th
The Charlotte Comedy Zone
900 Seaboard Street, Suite B3
N.C. Music Factory

I know how Charlotte on the Cheap readers love giveaways, so we’re going to be giving away several door prizes, including tickets to future Comedy Zone shows, and a gift card to Amelie’s…a French Bakery. Thanks Amelie’s! (If you are one of the few Charlotte people who hasn’t visited Amelie’s yet, you are in for a treat.)

Here’s the deal. (And it’s a good one.)
Buy tickets for the show here. Scroll down to the Shaun Jones show.

You can see that the price for everyone else is either $15 (with a $2.25 service fee) or $10 (with a $2 service fee.) But Charlotte on the Cheap readers can get 2 tickets for $5 (with a $1.75 service fee each) or 5 tickets for $10 (with a $1.75 service fee each.) So if you get 2 tickets, they are just $2.50 each, plus service fee, and if you get 5 tickets, they are $2 each, plus service fee. We’re talking up to 80% off the $10 tickets.

To get 2 tickets for $5, use the promo code COTC and enter 2 for the quantity.
To get 5 tickets for $10, use the promo code COTC2 and enter 5 for the quantity. (These are sold out.)

Put in the promo code and click on “Get Promo Prices.” Do this before you put any quantity in the other fields. Then the prices will change to the cheaper prices.
You do have to enter those quantities exactly.

To save on delivery fee, pick up the tickets at Will Call.

Parking is free. Is there anything else I need to say to convince you that this is the cheapest night out you’re going to find? What are you waiting for? Seating is limited for the Charlotte on the Cheap tickets. (Yes, you can look across the room at the people who paid $10 or $15 per ticket, but don’t rub it in!)

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