Sep 222013

wine vaultThe Wine Vault, at University Place, hosts free live music several nights a week. The musicians perform outside in good weather and inside if it rains. It’s a great setting for music. Enjoy a glass of wine, or a beer, or a treat from the frozen yogurt or ice cream shops that are right there. On Thursday through Saturday, the music is from 7pm until 11pm. On Sunday it’s from 6pm to 10pm.

Here’s the upcoming band schedule:

September 5 Jon Caneda
September 6 Rich Challen
September 7 Chris Suter
September 8 Jared Allan

September 12 Chris Chaney
September 13 Mike Smith
September 14 Derek Thalbert
September 15 Jared Allan

September 19 Chris Suter
September 20 Rich Challen
September 21 Jason Marcum
September 22 Jared Allan

September 26 Mike Smith
September 27 Chris Chaney
September 28 Jon Caneda
September 29 Jared Allan

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