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Last Halloween legions of mini Captain Americas knocked on doors, rescuing adults from the temptation of leftover Snickers bars. This year the kids behind the masks might have moved onto another superhero, but the costumes would be just fine for the next crop of Captain Americas. Enter the costume swap. For as long as kids have been trick-or-treating parents have been handing down costumes from one kid to another. National Costume Swap Day takes the reuse of costumes to a new level. The official National Costume Swap Day is October 13, 2012, but local swaps might take place on other dates.

The idea behind National Costume Swap Day is simple. Bring gently used costumes to a location in the community, where volunteers will organize them. You’ll receive a ticket for each costume you drop off. On the designated swap day, return with your ticket and choose a “new” costume. The benefits of a costume swap go beyond saving money. Costumes stay out of the landfills, parents beat down some clutter and kids enjoy a fun community event.

You have two chances to attend Charlotte’s Green Halloween Costume Swap. Pick out your “new” costume Saturday October 13th, 2012, at Atherton Mill Market 2104 South Boulevard from 10am to 12pm, or Saturday, October 20th, 2012, at The Big South 5K finish line in the Blakeney Shopping Center. The Blakeney event will take place during the 6th Annual Blakeney Shopping Center Boo! Bash following the race. The Boo Bash starts at 10am.

You can drop off gently used children’s costumes from September 15th, 2012, until October 5th at the following locations:
The Boulevard at South End 1440 South Tryon Street 980-219-7526

Eco-licious - 1916 Commonwealth Ave 704-966-7030

Atherton Market - 2104 South Boulevard – Open Tuesday 3 pm – 7 pm Wednesday 9 am – 1 pm and Saturday 9 am – 2 pm

You can also drop off your costume at this special event:

All About Baby Charlotte - September 16th

For more information, contact Jennifer with Natural Luxe at 704-904-2535 or

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