Sep 132012

Be ye famished? Do ye want to put grub in ye gullet fer free? Talk like a pirate on September 19th, 2012, and participating locations of Krispy Kreme will reward you with a free doughnut. If you’ve forgotten all the Pirate that you learned in your foreign language courses in high school, use this Pirate translator to brush up. But there’s more. If you dress from head to toe like a Pirate you’ll get a free dozen doughnuts. No purchase is necessary. This flyer for Krispy Kreme’s celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day lists the cities that are participating. Included in the list are Matthews, Gastonia and Salisbury.

Also, in case you missed the bulletin, Charlotte’s own Krispy Kreme is opening at 119 North Sharon Amity Road on September 24th, 2012, and is celebrating with some freebies too at its grand opening.

 September 13, 2012  Posted by  Expired

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