Oct 142012

Snug Harbor, at 1228 Gordon Street, invites an act to be an “Artist in Residence” all the Wednesdays in a month. In October, 2012, the artist is Luciferian Agenda. Their remaining nights at Snug Harbor are October 17th and October 24th, at 10pm, and the shows are free. They describe themselves as Percussive Luciferian Gospel / Psychedelic Folk Noir / Apocalypse Rock / Honky Tonk / Hillbilly Liberty Pickin’. That might not give you much of an idea of what they’re about though. I found a video (below) and I’d describe them as experimental, highly rhythmic, challenging to listen to, but mesmerizing. They’re definitely not trying to please everybody! But I applaud artists who try something different and especially venues who give them a place to play. Robert Childers, from Overmountain Men, and Andy Fenstermaker (Andy the Doorbum) are in this group.

 October 14, 2012  Posted by  Expired

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