Aug 182011
 August 18, 2011  Posted by  Expired

Update: The tournament on August 19th will cost $10 and will include two booster packs. I will find out if subsequent tournaments will be free.

Every Friday, The Last Word, at 230 East W.T. Harris Boulevard, holds Magic: The Gathering Tournaments. They will start at 7pm and you must be in the store by 6:30pm to register.

The format will be:

August 5th: Extended (Type 1.5)
August 12th: Standard (Type 2)
August 19th: Magic 2012 Sealed Booster Draft
August 26th: Standard (Type 2)

Here I will confess that I have no idea what anything I just typed means. But when I was at the store I took a picture of a sign that has even more information. Click on it for a closer look. I hope it helps!

Magic: The Gathering

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