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Update: this offer was running for a certain length of time. I’m leaving this post up because it can be a valuable resource for parents of kids with autism. Please follow the link below to see what resources are available. I don’t know when they will offer the iPads again. 9/5/11

The Hollyrod Foundation, formed by actress Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete, aims to improve life for people affected by Parkinson’s Disease and Autism. The organization is offering free iPads to children with autism who meet certain requirements. The recipients must be non-verbal or minimally verbal and the family must demonstrate financial need. The iPads have special apps geared to helping them to communicate. For a complete list of eligibity requirements and an application click on Holiday 2010 iPad Application on the bottom of this page on the Hollyrod website. On the webpage you will also see a button to donate.

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  1. i have a son with autism and am a single mom i dont have the resources to buy an ipad for my son how can i get and ipad for my son his non verbal

  2. I have a son with autism and he is also non-verbal. I’m a single mom and I would like to know how to recieve a free ipad for my son. Thanks

  3. I have a daughter with autism.I’m a single mother and would love for my daughter to have a free ipad, so that it could increase her communications skills.

  4. I Have A 5YR Old Daughter With Autism And C.P.Ive Been Working But I Dont Have The Money To Buy Her A Computer In Fact Im Useing My Jobs Computer.

  5. I am a single mother of 2 teenagers….one is my son who has autism. I am on a extremely limited budget and dont have any family who can help me obtain an iPad or the apps for my son. I dont really have anyone to help me and I really hate to ask but its for my son. Where can I get a free iPad for my son. He is non verbal and he’s 15 years old. The school is trying him on communication devices but they have been doing that for 3 years and are dragging their feet about choosing one. I am frustrated and am concerned that he may never get either one. Please help me cause I can really use it. Thank You.

  6. I have an 8year old grandson that live with me, he has Autism and is non verbal. I do not have the money to buy an ipad but feel it would improve his communication skills greatly if he had one. It is very frustrating for him not to be able to communicate with others. Where can I apply for one. Jackson would thank you but he can’t speak, so I will thank you for him. Thank You for your help in obtaining an Ipad. sheila

  7. I noticed that the Hollyrod foundation was only accepting applications for free Ipads til December 2010. Are they still accepting apps or is there anyone else offering free Ipads. Thanks, sheila

  8. My daughter is four years old and was diagnosed with autism when she was three.she attends a preschool program four days a week.She does have limited speech.I was searching for financial aide for autistic children to purchase an iPad when I came across your site.Her teacher suggested one,however my husband is the only one working and at this time we cannot afford one.I stay home, my son is thirteen months younger than her.if there’s any way you could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Hi iam a single mum of two children and my son who is 8 years old has autism, i would like to know how i would go about getting my son a ipad as i think it would really help him as he has already stayed down and reapeated grade 1 twice.
    regards mel

  10. We have three kids, two have disabilities. Our 3 year old son has autism and is non verbal. His Speech and occupational therapies are not covered through insurance and we can’t afford them, but we believe an Ipad would help him tremedously.

  11. My son needs anIPad. Could use a discount on this item My son is Autistic and is non verbal. Experts are saying this item will a whole new world for him to communicate with everyone. Can you help?

  12. I have twins with autism, one boy and one girl. My son is moderately affected with autism and is non-verbal with minimal words. Frustration from difficulty with communication. The school only recently complied with an aug/comm, asst. tech eval and they chose the device without an IEP meeting or any follow up from report. I am a registered nurse unable to continue to work as the children’s schedules and therapies are continuous. I would be so grateful for an opportunity for Blake and Madison to be able to use an ipad. Thank you so much.

    Dawn L. Ingold

  13. Hello,
    I have 3 children with Autism. 2 boys and a girl. 2 are non verbal and rely on PECs and signs for communication. I have tried to get any one of their grant money to cover without any success. 1 Ipad would greatly improve the lives of my 3 great kids. How can I get one for them free of charge. I lost my job in Dec and have had a hard time finding another one when I tell them abt my children and I need a little bit of flexibility to keep up with all of their medical appts and behavior stuff. We were struggling before. now we are downright poor. Any help at all will be so wonderfully appreciated. Thank you all for your time.

  14. My husband and myself are young parents just 23&24yrs old with 2 children.Our son has autism.We had to go through hell just to get our son’s diagnosis. The doctors kept insisting that he was just a “late bloomer”, this was when he was 1yrs old.We weren’t able to get a diagnosis till he was almost 3 due to lack of information about autism in the medical field at that time which i feel played a huge part in his non-verbalization.Jr is now 7yrs old and is in need of an ipad for communication in his day to day life,we are unable to provid him with one due to Both of us recently losing our jobs due to staff reduction. any help or information you might have to give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time

  15. Hi,am Ruth,with the slow pace they are taking to put my child in speech program,i need asssistance with a free ipad,and i will be grateful and you will have helped somebody who is trying her best,
    Ruth Attika

  16. Hi, I have two children, a thirteen month old and a 4 yrs old. My 4 year old was diagnose 10 months ago with autism. My son is echolalic and he is not really verbal. My thirteen month old is starting to repeat words and I want to give my son a chance to be able to speak to his family. I am a student in desperate need of help for my son and I am starting to feel like I am not good enough to handle an autistic child.
    Any advice or help would be appreciated.

  17. Hello,we have two children that are autistic. Our one little girl is nonverbal and 4yrs old and our 20 yr old has some speech basically repeats words…the ipad would be wonderful for them….our income is limited so we are unable to purchase it for them…Do you have any ideas on how we could get a free one..Thank-You so much for any help you could provide us. Nichole

  18. hello,
    I have a wonderflul 6 years old with autism. He is going to the special needs program in school. In school he loves the Ipad, his teacher told me that an I pad es really wonderful tool for his comunication. I’m a single mother. and right, now I cant aford it. I’ll be extremly thankfull if i can get one to help my son comunicates much better.
    Thank you

  19. Hello! My son Elijah who just turned 10 was diagnosed with Autism since he was 3. Up until now he has difficulty expressing himself by using his language. He is a very smart kid and with the help of a modern technology like the Ipad would help him develop more of his language. I dont have an extra source of income to afford to buy him an Ipad. Every month is a struggle to make the ends meet. Thank you and God bless!

  20. HI


  21. I have a five year old son who is developmently delayed.They use the ipad with him at school and speech,it works wonders for him and helps him out alot.I was wondering how I could receive a free one to use with him at home.

  22. I am a single mother of four children on a fix income monthly. My 9 year old daugther was diagnose with autism at the age of five. Her teachers and doctors suggested to buy an ipad, for her to develop her communication skills. I struggled with trying to get an ipad for her. Please help us to get her one. She would be more apperated for this.

  23. Hi, I am a single mum of four boys, oldest son who is 8.5 years has autism and adhd, second son suspected autism, I would greatly appreciate it if I could recieve a ipad for free as I don’t have the money to purchase one, I know my second son uses one at school and has made great improvements with his speech, thanks.

  24. I am a 11 year old out of a lot of kids and my brother Liam who is 9 and he LIVES on his computer and just now we relies he stole my moms youtube accounts HE GOT OVER 1,000 VIEWS on one his videos! i think he just needs something he can edited his videos (plus he always is screaming it around the house “how about apple iphone ipad and ipod touch!” is what he says but
    i think he would really use one of these but were can he get one for free?

  25. hi my name is veronica i have a 10 year old daughter who has autism and is non verbal i can’t afford to buy her a ipad. i know it will help her she has come such a long way. looking for a little help

  26. Hi, We have tried searching for organizations and foundations which could help us provide a IPAD for our 14 year old son. He is so creative, using our old computer, paper, and drawing to make characters for his “movies” He is very inspired by John Lassitter and Steven Spielberg. Mr.Lassitter from Pixar kindly sent a picture and response encouraging our son to continue creating and using his imagination. Our son, would benefit so much from an IPAD ,and so many of their features and such. Please let us know how and where we can apply for one, which would allow for us to receive one. Being a one income family translates to minimal funds. But we have a great belief that we can tap into amazing help, to help make this dream of our sons come true.

  27. I am a grandmother raising my grandchild that has Autism. The ipad has really been a breakthrough in his abililty to speak and communicate. His school works with this device and I would love to obtain one for him for home use. Please let me know how I could apply for a free ipad. Thank you.

  28. hi my son is 5 in half yrs old and is non verble autism with frontle lope damage ,i would so darely love this ipad so i can understand him and what he wants instead of grunning at me and pointing at things for communitcation…i am his mother and sometimes i dont understand what he is meaning and wanting so if its hard for me ,i should image that it would be hard for his teachers and any normal ppl to understand him .like i said this would so much change our lives for the good he would think it would be awesome as im a single mother of four ,money is very tide i cannot afford one of these son would greatly appericate one of these thank u

  29. my son is two years old he has autisum he cant speak and he has alot other other thing wrong with him he has speech two day a week an pt one day a week they told us we had to have a ipad for him i am a single mother working everyday to pay for his food diapers and his medican i cant pay for a i pad when he need all this other stuff i need help because i need to know what my son need also can i please get help

  30. We sent this information since last year and we don’t have information about it.

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