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For a completely different take on holiday stories, check out this Adult Story Time: Politically Correct Holiday Stories at Poor Richard’s Book Shoppe, 135b Brevard Court, on Saturday, December 22nd, 2012, from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. Here’s what they say:

A friend of Poor Richard’s Book Shoppe, J. Scott Wilson is a father, a cook, a storyteller, a copy editor, a writer and was “raised by an English professor/sailor who made me read Chaucer in Middle English while he taught me how to build rose beds.” Scott is a Food columnist for the Gaston Gazette and The Shelby Star.

“Politically Correct Holiday Stories: For an Enlightened Yuletide Season” by James Finn Garner

Whether your favorite holiday story is “A Christmas Carol”, “The Story of Hanukkah”, or “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”, you’ll find it transformed to reflect current sensibilities in Politically Correct Holiday Stories. Injecting our popular holiday fables with a modern perspective is no easy task, but someone had to do it — and who better than the proven master of cultural sensitivity? James Finn Garner joyfully frees these holiday tales from sexism, ageism, religious imperialism, and every other sorry vestige of our flawed, low-consciousness past.

So gather the family (whether traditional, dysfunctional, co-dependent, or otherwise) around the hearth, and read aloud these tales as they should have been told the first time.

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